Marlon Wayans Hints At First-Ever Comedy Special: “I Don’t Want To Do Something That People Will Forget About”


Currently as he films newest NBC variety show I Can Do That, Marlon Wayans commented on if fans can soon expect his first comedy special. In an interview with Denver’s Westword magazine, Marlon hinted that a special could come soon but it’s not something he is trying to rush into.

Westword: Are you working toward doing an hour-long special or album in the near future?
Marlon: Not yet. I think this year I might actually put together my first special. I’ve got a lot of material. But just because you’ve got a lot of material doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready for a special. When I do a special, I want it to really be special. I don’t want to do something that people will forget about. I want to do something that will make people say, “Man, that shit was hilarious” long afterwards.

As shared Marlon’s new venture into stand-up was inspired by his preparation for a past role as Richard Pryor. When Marlon is ready to produce his first special we wonder if older brother Keenen will get involved? In 1987 Keenen along with Robert Townsend helped produce Eddie Murphy’s breakout stand-up special, Raw.

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  1. of course keenan should produce it cuz will be dope

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