Marlon Wayans Receives Backlash Over Instagram Joke At Jay Z & Beyonce’s On The Run Tour; Takes A Stance To Not Apologize

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Time after time do we see comedians getting in hot water for some of their humor. Marlon Wayans becomes the latest comedian to do such that. Over the weekend while attending Jay Z and Beyonce’s On The Run Tour stop in Los Angeles, Marlon got a few people upset over a joke he posted on his Instagram. It was when he decided to poke fun at Australian pop singer Delta Goodrem, did people begin speaking out against him. According to Marlon, Deltas’s dancing skills needed some work in which he went on to post a picture with the caption,”Man I got the most UNRHYTHMIC WHITE WOMAN dancing next to me at the jay and bay concert… This bitch dancing to AC/DC.” Of course with him pointing out that she was white, some people went on to claim Marlon was racist. Amongst the social media attacks Marlon later put out several responses to the situation, and took the stance to not apologize over the joke.

Marlon’s Response via TWITTER:

“Ok so let me start by saying suck it long, hard and til y’all mouths hurt to all these sensitive ass people. Secondly, I ain’t apologizing for a joke…I love that all these people calling me racist cuz I stated a fact. She can’t dance. Apparently neither can u. Now fuck outta here. one day people are gonna understand… I simply don’t give fuck. And I refuse to succumb to this new world order of not having an opinion… All comedians, say what u say and let it be said. Never say sorry for a fact, just say fuck off. Be you, be true.”

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