Marlon Wayans Shares That Wayans Family Tour Is Still In The Plans: Stops By The Tonight Show

Just before the weekend started, Marlon Wayans sat down with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. As he gets ready to film his newest project ‘5o Shades Of Black’, Marlon spoke on what fans can expect from him on the stage. A while back he and his brother shared the comedy stage for the first time ever, and talks began on them doing a family tour. Now during his talk with Fallon, Marlon went on to say a tour with his brothers is still apart of the plans.

“Keenen and Damon were performing and me and Shawn kind of crashed the show. It was dope, it was the first time ever me, Shawn, Keenen, and Damon shared the stage together…. We’re actually talking about putting together a tour now.”

– Marlon

Who do you think should open?

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  1. Marlon will probably open this tour but i heard he been killing lately

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