Marlon Wayans Speaks On Pryor Audition Leaking: “I Wish That It Didn’t”

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Last week the internet got a surprise when Marlon Wayans’s audition for a role as Richard Pryor floated online. The 8-minute feature from 2009 showed Marlon’s reenactment of the late comedian who many consider as the best to ever do it. Wayans recently spoke with Chicago Now, and opened up about the auiditon leaking, which he went on to share why he wish it didn’t happen.

Chicago Now: Have you seen your screen-test as Pryor?

Wayans: Yeah, I’ve seen that one. Bill Condon actually drove it to my house he was so proud of it, before we showed it to the studio. The movie kind of fell apart. It was a really great journey that me and Bill went on. I look and go, “I’m happy I did it.” To get such a great response from it… It’s [unfortunate] that it leaked, I wish that it didn’t. I don’t want that for them (Mike Epps and Lee Daniels). Lee made his choice and I respect it and I’m anxious to see the movie that they’re going to develop and put together. So I didn’t want that to be a distraction, but it leaked and what are you going to do? I’m proud of the work and hopefully I’ll be able to do more dramas. I wanted to bring the spirit and the truth to the character, so I started doing stand up diligently. Because for me, it was about growing as an artist and learning what it was to be a true stand up comedian.

Chicago Now: Chris Rock called your screen test “amazing,” did that mean a lot to you, coming from this generation’s Pryor?

Wayans: He’s one of the guys I look to as one of my comedic heroes and the fact that he loved what I did in my interpretation of Pryor, I’m happy. I put a lot of blood, sweat and tears (into) that week. I wish I had a month, I probably would have been a little closer to Pryor. But we did it within less than a week in one of the most busiest times of my life when me and Bill put that together.

Recently Marlon was named as host of NBC’s newest variety show “I Can Do That”.

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