Marlon Wayans Visits The Breakfast Club; Speaks On ‘Marlon’ NBC Series, Handling Cheating Scandal, And Quitting Spoofs

Following news of getting his series Marlon picked up by NBC, Marlon Wayans sat down with The Breakfast Club this morning. He had a chance to talk about several things from comedy to his won personal life. While he discussed his new show he then explained how close the project will mirror his own life. Marlon went on to open up about his past cheating scandal which he says will be somewhat apart of the show. He also went on to explain why we probably won’t see him do anymore parody films.

I quit, I’m done…. Everybody thinks they can do a parody… it’s on YouTube, Why am I going to spend 6-8 months writing this when people have already stepped and wiped it all over the place on YouTube…?

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