Martin Lawrence Reunites With Tommy Ford, 18 Years Since ‘Martin’s’ Ending

tommy ford martin lawrence

Last night apart of his comedy tour Doin Time, Martin Lawrence caught up with his old friend and co-star actor Tommy Ford from Martin. The two gave us all friendship goals when Martin aired in the mid-90’s. On the show Tommy played Martin’s more leveled headed friend, who viewers had a hard time figuring out his occupation. “You don’t got no job Tommy,” was Martin’s on going phrase through out the series. In an Instagram post, Ford captured his reunion with Lawrence as the two posed for cameras.

It was so good to hang with my brotha Martin Lawrence again! Love you Marti-Mart! Great seeing you again!

The final episode of Martin went off in 1997. Since then, Tommy has ventured into other roles as he currently resides in Atlanta. Check out upcoming dates to Martin’s Doin Time.

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