Martin Lawrence Says He And Jamie Foxx Were Really Working On A ‘Wanda & Sheneneh’ Movie

Yesterday Martin Lawrence joined Big Boy’s Neighborhood on Los Angeles’s the REAL 92.3. Immediately in the interview they spoke on Bad Boys 3 talks, getting back on the road, projects, and some advice. Back in 2009 when Jamie Foxx hosted the 2009 BET Awards, rumors of the two working together as their classic drag-characters Wanda (In Living Color) and Sheneneh (Martin) would be teaming up with a movie. Years later it turns out that the film wouldn’t move forward which Martin explained to Big Boy that the studios ended up being the main reason.

That was an idea from Jamie Foxx…..I thought it would develop into a big movie but the politricks (studios)..

Martin also commented on seeing Big Sean remaking MARTIN in a music video. He went on to even confirm that A Thin Line Between And Love Hate is still being worked on.

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