Master Of None’s Eric Wareheim Now Has His Own Wine, Thanks To A Comedy Sketch

Photo: Wine Mag

On the series Master Of None, Arnold played by Eric Wareheim appreciates great food and conversation. Wareheim’s actual life has now opened the door for more of the fine dining we’ve seen in episodes of Master Of None with Aziz. The comedic actor is now in the wine business. In an interview with Wine Mag, Eric discussed his latest wine venture, Las Jaras, and even shared that the whole thing started from a popular comedy sketch he did.

WM: How did you start Las Jaras?

We had a funny idea in my comedy world with Dr. Steve Brule, [played by] John C. Reilly. He did a “Sweet Berry Wine” sketch that was so popular that every bar I would go into, if they knew me, they would come up with a glass of red wine and say, “This is from the chef. It’s some sweet berry wine.” It seemed like everyone in the service business knew it. I talked to Tim and John and said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if we made a Sweet Berry Wine?” We had two ideas. One, it could be disgusting, like Manischewitz, really sugary wine. Or, why don’t we make it good? We were like, “We should make it good.” That’s when I talked to Joel [Burt] about starting Las Jaras. We were going to make Sweet Berry Wine and pick a bunch of other grapes and kind of start our business together.

The power of comedy. Check out his full interview here.

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