Master P Shares Why He Gave Eddie Griffin $1 Million For ‘Foolish’ Script: “He Put That Work In”

Pioneer Master P is back behind the lens to offer the second installment of his comedy cult classic, ‘I Got The Hook Up’. This time around he’s connected with a collection of established names in comedy, along with fresh faces from social media. Comedy Hype had the chance to visit the set of ‘I Got The Hook Up 2’ to better understand what Master P is looking to accomplish with the new film. He would reveal that even though the comedy will have it laughs, it will also touch on a serious topic facing urban communities across the country. For Master P, whose real name is Percy Miller, some communities are facing the realities of gentrification in their neighborhood.

While talking about the film, Miller would also speak on the time he gave $1 Million to an up-and-coming Eddie Griffin for 1999’s ‘Foolish’ script. According to Miller, Griffin’s hard work and dedication to his craft were some of the main reasons why he would make the investment. Check out his chat with Nika Simone, and stay tune for more footage from the upcoming ‘I Got The Hook Up 2’ film.

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