Melissa McCarthy Tells Comedy Hype That “Real Women” Exist

Several nights ago at the premiere of new comedy The Boss; Our host Nika Simone stopped by the red carpet to catch up with the film’s writers and stars. We find out the inspiration for the film, and who’s boss some of the stars would like to be. When it was time to talk with the film’s lead Melissa McCarthy, she expressed her push for real women representation in Hollywood.

I don’t think there is a typical mold (for women). I don’t have 20 friends that are some way similar. I don’t see it that way. Other people may want one but they’re not the women I know. The women I know are strong, crazy, funny and brilliant. I always look to the real women I know… when you look at the variety of real women it’s so spectacular. I would never try to close it to one type. What a bore.

The Boss is set to be in theaters everywhere on April 8th