Michael Blackson On His Social Media Beefs With Faizon Love, & Gary Owen: “I Felt It Was All Coming From Kevin (Hart)”

Yesterday, Michael Blackson sat down with Big Boy’s Neighborhood to promote his newest tour, The LIT AF Tour with Martin Lawrence and others. As we all have seen, Blackson has been entertaining fans across social media by taking aim at fellow comedians on Instagram. Most recently he got into a roasting battle with Gary Owen (which still could be going) on the social media platform. According to Blackson, he thinks his roast battles have been mainly because of Kevin Hart.

We know that Hart was upset with Blackson’s jokes about his cheating scandal which prompted some of Kevin’s friends to stand up for him in defense. Blackson would tell Big Boy more about his career, his roast against Faizon Love & Gary Owen, and what it’s like touring with Martin Lawrence.