Michael Che Opens Up About His Rise In Comedy: “Worst-Case Scenario, I Was Supposed To Be Dead At 25, You Know, Or Selling Drugs Or In Jail

Every few years it appears that Michael Che always finds a way to reach new heights in his career. This September, alongside Colin Jost, Che will host this year’s Emmy awards. As he prepared to for a stop in London, Che would talk with the local publication, ‘The Guardian’ about his life and career. At one point in the conversation, Che would reflect on how his life could have ended up if not for comedy.

Now 35, Che says his family is “amused” by his fame but doesn’t profess to understand it. “If my mom saw me hosting the Emmys, or she saw me in a McDonald’s commercial, she wouldn’t know which one is better. She’s just happy that I’ve got a job and I’m not sleeping on a bench.” Sleeping rough is what a lot of people he grew up with are doing, though, Che says. “Worst-case scenario, I was supposed to be dead at 25, you know, or selling drugs or in jail. I think that realisation has helped because you never let this kind of stuff – the success – get to you. You never let it seem more important than it is.”

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