You Might Be Seeing Cedric The Entertainer In A Movie With 50 Cent And Danny Devito, According To 50 Cent

cedric the entertainer

As for now it’s just talks but according to rapper 50 Cent it’s a possibility that you could see him in a film with Cedric The Entertainer and comedic legend Danny Devito (right). 50 Cent tells The NY Daily News that while bumping into both Cedric and Devito they began discussing how a possible film could come together involving eachother.

danny devito

‘How about a “Twins” remake? This time with an even more unlikely pair than Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Fiddyer-in-chief tells us he bumped into DeVito at a pre-Globes party (photo from the night above) at Soho House on Saturday and they talked about making a comedy together. “We was talking, me, him andCedric the Entertainer,” he tells us. Apparently the conversation turned to work. “(We were saying) we should do something that’s comedy-based,” said Fiddy.

For Cedric The Entertainer he has continued to stay busy, earlier this week the date for Cedric’s new show Barber Battle was announced for April 10th.

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