Mike Epps Releases Official Statement On Assault Accusations: “The Media Has Falsely Reported Me As The Perpetrator..”

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As you may know Mike Epps was recently accused along with entourage of assaulting fellow comedian Lavar Walker in Atlanta this week. To officially respond to the allegations Epps has put out his official statement.

As a result of the unfounded accusations of my participation in an unfortunate event, the media has falsely reported me as the perpetrator of the incident. This unknown comedian is trying to carve out his 5 minutes of fame by taking selfies of himself in the hospital and posting them to his social media in an attempt to gain fame and followers at my expense. Being an actor, comedian and public figure, I am no stranger to these types attempts by struggling comedians trying to use me to make a name for themselves. While most incidents of this nature I simply ignore in this case I wanted to take the time to thank my fans, friends and family for the support and I will continue working and doing the thing that I have been honored to do for 20 plus years. Bring you joy and laughter through entertainment.


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