Mike Epps Says Nick Cannon Shouldn’t Do NBC Pryor Film: “I Got Love For Nick, But I Don’t Think This Role Is Built For Him”

mike epps

As Mike Epps prepares to begin the filming for his role as Richard Pryor in the upcoming Lee Daniels directed version, he stopped by HOT 97 to talk with Ebro In The Morning. As he covered several topics from Charles Barkley, Ferguson, and police brutality he shared his thoughts on Nick Cannon deciding to shoot his own Pryor film.

“It’s all work, we all brothers trying to work out here…but I think he’s doing a disservice to himself and Richard Pryor by trying to play Richard Pryor on NBC, I don’t know what he’s going to say on NBC. Every other word that came out of Richard Pryor was “F’ that”. I don’t know how he’s going to do that on NBC. One thing about playing someone like Richard Pryor, you have to walk the walk and be able to play this role….I got love for Nick Cannon but I don’t think this role is built for him,” Epps shared.

Majority of his concerns of Cannon taking on the Pryor role deals with how true to Richard Pryor that NBC and Cannon will be. Epps later revealed that the filming for his Pryor film will begin this upcoming March. Check out Mike’s full interview with HOT 97 below.

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