Mike Epps Suggest Black Comedians Make Comedy Popular

mike epps

As a guest on veteran comedian Royale Watkins’s show Sorta Kinda Funny, Mike Epps got candid for a one on one discussion. Earlier this week he confirmed that filming for his role in the Richard Pryor biopic will be taking place March of next year.  In the interview with Royale he expressed his thoughts on landing the role, how he first started off with humble beginnings, Def Comedy Jam, and overall journey in comedy.

When discussing the influence of black comedians and Def Comedy Jam, Mike went on to express how big of a role he felt comedians of the black community play in comedy.

These comedy clubs make money off of black comedians… That’s because I think black comics put the popularity on comedy.

Royale soon followed up after Mike’s thoughts with his own explanation which he expressed how black audiences value comedy more. Here what they had to say below, and check out the full conversation.

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