Mike Epps Talks Returning For ‘Last Friday’: “I’m Getting Old”

Before the week came to an end, Mike Epps would make a trip to ‘REAL 92.3’ in Los Angeles to promote his newest film, ‘Loved Jacked’. As mentioned, Epps executive produced and features in the new comedy. While talking with Big Boy’s Neighborhood; Epps would explain the movie, his misunderstandings with Kevin Hart, and even commented on ‘Last Friday’. Epps would suggest that he has his concerns about the movie happening because he and the rest of the cast are getting older. Before moving forward in the interview, Mike, despite his concerns would make it clear that he’s very much interested to be in the next one.

“They have been talking about doing a Friday forever…. I’m getting old… I don’t know what Cube is going to do…”

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