Mike Epps Thinks Everyone Is Funnier Than Kevin Hart, Hart Responds

Mike Epps and Kevin Hart have been competing against each other for quite some time now. The two comedians have found themselves at odds in a number of online moments that date back to the early days of Twitter.

At one point it appeared that they decided to play nice in recent years, until now. Some online Instagram users appear to have pointed out that the ‘Epps vs. Hart’ feud lives on. In a post on his Instagram, Epps would share a picture of him with Eddie Murphy on the set of Netflix’s ‘Dolemite’ but would later comment that everyone was funnier than Hart while responding to a fan online.

The fan’s comment that sparked the latest incident would go on to read, “Eddie Murphy Is Funnier Than Kevin Hart Still” in which prompted Epps to follow up with, “Sh*t everybody is…”. Epps’s comment has now found it’s way to Hart as he would respond with a jab at Mike’s ticket sales.

“It’s a shame that not everybody is not selling tickets like me tho,” Hart responded in the comments. Fans would immediately chime in on the conversation with some siding with both men. No word on what’s Hart’s current ticket sales number are but he’s definitely set a few records over the years. Is there room for two kings?

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