Mike Epps To Design With New Era

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For a recent interview with The Source Magazine Mike Epps revealed plans on releasing his own line of hats with New Era.

The Source Reports:

Q: How did you team up with New Era?

Mike Epps: I got with Phil Crimaldi of DKC, which is a new publicity group and New Era are clients of theirs and they came up with a great idea to design my own hats. You know I’ve been wearing New Era hats since the beginning of time. I’ve had so many of their hats. I met with the Chris and we came up with to design for some hats. I went up the the company in Niagra Falls and sat with a designer – checked out a couple patterns and came up with my own design and now we got a Mike Epps New Era hat that we’re hoping to launch real soon.

Q: Is it one style or do you have different colors?

Mike Epps: Yeah we have different colors. But me being from Indianapolis, Indiana, I definitely went with my home town colors. I went with my high school color, which was money green, the Colts colors, which are cobalt blue and white, and I went with the Pacers, which was royal blue and gold and I’m gonna probably go with the Gucci colors the red, black, and green. Those are popular colors.

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