More Comedians Can Learn From Katt Williams, Gin Thomas Shares How Williams Gave Her A Shot On His Tour

For most comedians, the road to featuring in front of thousands of people will be long and unfortunately for some may never happen.

Katt Williams is one of the few comedians who has worked their way into becoming a household name that thousands come out and see on a given night.

See Williams is easily considered a veteran in comedy and with that position, he has shown to be very aware of his responsibility. We most recently connected with Florida native, comedian Gin Thomas who months ago was an Atlanta known comedian looking to make a name for herself. Thomas would open up to Comedy Hype to discuss an opportunity she received on hitting the road with Williams in which he called her personally. Williams’s gesture is one that should not be overlooked in the very competitive climate of stand-up comedy and not to mention the few opportunities minorities tend to get in entertainment. And if you tend to follow Katt’s tours in recent years you will notice he’s done the same for others. Outside of sharing how she ended up on Williams’s tour, Thomas would also explain the obstacles she’s faced to get to her current position. When Chris Rock needed an opportunity Eddie Murphy was there and when Gin Thomas needed a life-changing call, Katt Williams dialed in.

“To be honest… I was going to quit… I think it’s hard being a female comedian but not only being a female comedian, I’m a plus size comedian…,” Thomas would tell our cameras.

Watch Thomas’s talk with Comedy Hype, below.