Ms. Pat Talks To Comedy Hype About Podcast ‘The Patdown With Ms. Pat’


Comedian Ms. Pat has always been a favorite guest anytime she’s appeared on a comedy podcast.Ms. Pat has appeared on #1 podcasts such as, ‘WTF with Marc Maron’, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ and NPR’s “Edge of Fame”. What podcast listeners tend to enjoy the most about Ms. Pat, is her thoroughly refreshing, honest and no filter point of view. Now, you can catch Ms. Pat on her very own podcast, ‘The Patdown With Ms. Pat’ every week. Comedy Hype caught up with Ms. Pat to get the scoop on the brand new podcast.

CH: You just released your hilarious new podcast, “The Patdown with Ms. Pat”. What made you finally decide that it was time to get in the podcast game for yourself?

MP: Every time I would appear on someone else’s podcast, people would tell me that they really enjoyed the content and that they would like to hear me start my own podcast. So, I finally gave in and started a podcast. To my surprise, I discovered that having a podcast is a lot of fun and that I really like to talk and tell people how I feel.

CH: You started the podcast with your producer and co-host, Chris Spangle. You and Chris have a really good chemistry and dialogue going so far. Are there plans to have other guests on the podcast?

MP: I would love to have guests on the podcast, but where would we get them from? Walmart? We live in a really small town. Worrying about booking guests is another reason I was hesitant to start this podcast. I was like, who the fuck am I going to interview? My trash man and mailman? So for now, it’s just me and Chris.

CH: In one of the latest episodes of  “The Patdown With Ms. Pat”, you discuss the documentary, ‘Abducted In Plain Sight’ and provided a cackle-worthy commentary while discussing it. What else are you watching these days?

MP: Well, I’m not into Game Of Thrones. At least not right now. Maybe once this season is over I’ll start watching it from the beginning. But I am an ex-drug dealer so I really like that gangster shit. [Laughs]. I’m into shows like, “Queen of the South” and “Blindspot”. Real gangster shit.

CH: You’ve been very vocal about your time as a drug dealer at a certain point in your life before comedy. Do you think your time as a drug dealer made it easier to jump into comedy?

MP: Hell yeah! [Laughs] Being a drug dealer made me fearless and gave me lots of confidence. You have to be confident to go out and sell crack with no bra on.

CH: Your brand new podcast, ‘The Patdown with Ms. Pat’ is now available. For your fans who are reading this interview, what else is coming up for Ms. Pat?

MP: I have a lot of a new and exciting stuff coming up. I just sold a show to Hulu, so I’m waiting on updates on releasing that. I’m also working on writing and shooting a brand new hour special. Both of these projects are going to be a lot of fun and I can’t wait for people to see them.

Listen to the ‘The Patdown Ms. Pat’ here.


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