Natasha Leggero And Moshe Kasher Tell Comedy Hype How They Started Roasting Other Couples And Talk New Special, “The Honeymoon Stand Up Special”


Comedians, Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher became a comedic power couple when they got married. But before they were married, they made their own individual impacts on the comedy world. Natasha’s debut album, “Coke Money” and follow up special,  “Live at Bimbo’s”, were both very well received. Moshe Kasher had an incredible debut comedy special, “Live in Oakland”, along with his funny, personal and insightful book, ‘Kasher In The Rye: The True Tale of a White Boy from Oakland Who Became A Drug Addict, Criminal, Mental Patient, and Then Turned 16′. Now, the couple is joining forces on stage, to deliver a new wave of stand up comedy.  Moshe and Natasha recently debuted their new joint-special, “The Honeymoon Special” on Netflix. Comedy Hype caught up with the two, to discuss their new special.

CH: “The Honeymoon Stand Up Special” is a joint venture. This isn’t a common thing in stand up, and that’s what makes it exciting and fresh. How’d the idea come about to do this special?

NL: I was in Newport, RI and I heard about a couple that went on a 10-year honeymoon and came back with 4 kids. So I decided to relive that with a comedy tour. I also wanted Moshe to stop having sex with Cocktail waitresses.

MK: That part of the plan backfired; I kept inviting them home with us. But the tour turned into a really cool thing; we toured the east coast, the west coast, and the south. Then we landed in Montreal, where there were reps for Netflix, who suggested that what we were doing should be a special. Up until that point, we really hadn’t thought about doing it as a special. But the finished product is a really cool, unique product, that’s never been done before.

CH:  “The Honeymoon Stand Up Special” was filmed in Austin, Texas. What was the deciding factor that made Austin the filming location for the special?

NL: We toured a lot of great cities, but we just felt like Austin would be the least PC of all of the audiences that we played to. 

MK: Austin has liberal audiences, with a Texas folksy charm feel to it. It’s always great to try the edgier material in Austin.

CH: You’re both stand up comics. Stand up is usually a solo effort in all aspects. When you two sat down to generate material for this special, did you write material together?

MK: Writing together was great. It was like having a live-in joke punch-up person who helps you with punchlines and vice versa. For example, in the third leg of the tour, we both came back on stage and told a story, before we started roasting the shit out of couples. Initially, when we started doing the storytelling part, I had a punchline that wasn’t working and Natasha gave me tags and they’d work out much better than what I originally had.

NL: Basically, what Moshe is saying, is that I would show him how to do shit.

CH: In the third act of “The Honeymoon Stand Up Special”, you two roast couples from the audience, which is hilarious and exciting in its own right. What made you two decide on including a couple’s roast?

NL: Well, it didn’t start out as a couple’s roast. Originally, it started out as the idea to do a live couple’s therapy session. Then, the more that we started to do the live couple’s therapy, it just became fun to roast people [Laughs].

MK: But Natasha is so compassionate, that she wouldn’t let the couples off stage until we actually resolved one of their relationship issues. But I just wanted to roast people and send them on their way [Laughs. 

CH: The exciting new special, “The Honeymoon Stand Up Special” is available tomorrow on Netflix — aside from the special, what else should your fans be looking forward to? Any solo or joint efforts coming up?

NL: Well, we just had a baby, so she’s our main priority right now. We haven’t named her yet, so we’ve been calling her the, “Untitled Leggero-Kasher” project.

MK: We’re really excited about our new Netflix special, and we’ll see what happens after that.

You can watch Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher: The Honeymoon Stand Up Special, right now on Netflix.

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