Netflix Just Picked Up A New Special From Tracy Morgan

Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Netflix continues its run with comedy specials as it now has been revealed that the streaming platform will be airing a new special from Tracy Morgan. Morgan joins a respected list of comedians who have went on to partner with Netflix in the last year. According to Entertainment Weekly we should see this new special on May 16 and it will be called ‘Staying Alive’.

Tracy Morgan is getting back to stand-up comedy with “Staying Alive,” a new Netflix special set to debut May 16. The special, filmed in New Jersey’s Count Basie Theatre, will focus on Morgan’s attempts to find the funny in the aftermath of his near-fatal accident in July 2014, which left him with a traumatic brain injury and a two percent chance of living. Morgan has slowly but surely been making his way back into the spotlight in the time since, first with a nationwide stand-up tour last year called “Picking Up the Pieces,” and more recently with a role in the Ice Cube and Charlie Day comedy Fist Fight, which premiered earlier this month.