New Orleans’s Mark Caesar To Release Independent Comedy Special This May

Thanks to digital outlets and online resources, many comedians have been able to take their careers into their own hands. For comedian Mark Caesar out of New Orleans he feels that it’s his time to do the same. On May 27th, Caesar will release his newest comedy special ‘Comedy Money’ for audiences. As the 2 time winner of ‘Louisiana’s Funniest Person’, Caesar approaches his next chapter confidently and briefly shares with Comedy Hype why he’s taking the leap.

What inspired you to release independently?

MC: I’ve been grinding independently for the last 5 years of my career so I felt this was the best way for me to put the special out.

How has comedy been in your hometown since you’ve come up?

MC: New Orleans isn’t really known for comedy but it’s one of the hottest scenes in the country right now. You can get stage time at multiple places any given night.

What do you think you add to the conversation on today’s comedians?

MC: I think that I show people That there’s other ways to do this and be successful. You don’t necessarily need the big brand name behind you. It’s good to have but if you’re funny the jokes will speak for themselves

Watch and a teaser of ‘Comedy Money’, below. Look out for the special when it’s released on May 27th. More info here.

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