Nicole Byer And Andrew Schulz Trade Tweets Over ‘Chris Rock’s Black Women In Hollywood Comments’

andrew schulz

Last week Chris Rock’s statement regarding black women in Hollywood circulated after it was highlighted in a story on current SNL star Leslie Jones. Rock’s comment came as a response to actress Jennifer Lawrence’s thoughts on equal pay for women in Hollywood, which Rock went on to point out black women had it tougher. Following news rising stand-up comedians Nicole Byer (Photoed right) and Andrew Schulz (left) seemed to be at odds over the statement and showed so by taking to Twitter. Schulz started things off when he voiced that making it in Hollywood was hard for everyone.

andrew schulz

Following his Tweets, Schulz got a response from Byer, which she went on to Tweet;

Nah boo boo. Black women have it rough. As do Asian actors. Hollywood is very white. Come on Schultzy. You sound silly.

To respond to Byer, Schulz shared his final thoughts on the matter.

 Absolutely. My point was if you’re comparing to all the people who want to be in Hollywood there’s no difference. I don’t care that white or black women are making less. If you don’t like how much you make, ask for more. Easy. They’re acting like they’re forced to do the movie. Just say no. When the movie flops, they’ll pay you next time.

The two who both have a working history on MTV’s Guy Code/Girl Code seem to be on good terms. Their brief exchange settled quickly as Schulz moved on to talk about Instagram models having boyfriends.  Hollywoodism.  

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