Official Patrice O’neal Documentary Is Finally Happening

patrice oneal

For fans who have love for the late comedian Patrice O’neal, they now can expect a more in-depth look at his life. Earlier today O’neals wife (Vondecarlo), shared news that a life documentary on Patrice is happening. Back in 2011 after dealing with complications from a stroke, O’neal passed away leaving many in shock due to the timing of his death. O’neal is remembered by his strong stances on relationships, and society which he displayed on his hour-legnth comedy special, ‘Elephant In The Room’. Many have felt that O’neal was on the verge of his career expanding right before his passing. Just over a week ago, the Third Annual Benefit Comedy show celebrating O’neals life & career was held in New York City. The event brought out friends and comedians like Bill Burr, Hannibal Buress, Michael Che, Jim Norton and Rich Vos. So far it seems that they already have a name for the new project entitled ‘Better Than You’, which shares the same name of a 20-minute comedy EP of O’neals released in 2012 (below). As of now details are scarce as to who else will be involved with the documentary, keep you update as more is revealed.

2012’s Better Than You

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