On Set: Brandon T. Jackson Working With Wild N’ Outs Rip Michaels For ‘Off The Rip’

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Before we see Brandon T. Jackson’s upcoming produced docu-series ‘Comedians Of LA’, he is staying busy with comedy comrade and Wild N’ Out’s Rip Michaels. Despite news of series Mr. Robinson not moving forward with NBC, Jackson has a few more things lined up before the year ends. Earlier while in Brooklyn, N.Y., the two and few others began filming Michael’s comedy ‘Off The Rip’. According to writer Jeff Gurian the cast includes Jacob Williams of Wild N’ Out and internet star Cardi B. Jeff shared with Interobang about his filming experience as he also appeared on set of the new project.

I spent most of my weekend shooting sketches for Rip Micheals new TV show being executive. produced by Brandon T. Jackson, comic, film star and rapper, who co-starred in Craig Robinson’s NBC show Mr. Robinson last season playing Craig’s younger brother Ben! Brandon is a force, and brings the funny just by showing up. He skated in on one of those cool Segways you stand on, and did like a spinning dance routine after only having it for two days. It was amazing because almost everyone else who tried it fell right off. I can’t tell you anything about the actual show except to say it will be HILARIOUS! It’s called Off The Rip and it’s produced by Steve “Skoob” Rivers also a really funny dude in his own right, who not only produced but appeared in several sketches as well.

No word yet on what network is involved with the new show, but we will keep you posted as more details are revealed. Brandon spoke with Comedy Hype about his upcoming projects.

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