‘One On One’ Is Coming Back, Thanks To ‘Bounce TV’

Photo: UPN

From the years 2001 to 2006, TV viewers would watch Flex Alexander and Kyla Pratt showcase a unique relationship between father and daughter on the series, ‘One On One’. The show would be remembered as one of the few series depicting a positive image of black fatherhood. Bounce TV, who recently pulled the plug on reruns of The Cosby Show, announced that they are bringing back ‘One On One’ on July 2nd.

The other day, Alexander would take to his Instagram to confirm the news. Thank you @bouncetv for keeping us going with our die-hard supporters and introducing us to the new generation!! Got a great surprise coming soon for everyone,” he messaged with a picture of him and the show’s cast. Who knows what will gradually come from the new announcement as Alexander has also expressed he has a strong interest in a ‘One On One reboot’. 

Keep you posted on more updates on the series.

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