Opinion: Amanda Bynes’s ‘The Amanda Show’ Was One Of Comedy’s Biggest Influences

Amanda Bynes is Comedy’s Lil Bow-Wow, put some respect on her name.

First of all, I mean this with all respect to Shad Moss, that statement wasn’t a joke like the internet likes to perpetuate. Four studio albums by the age of 18. A number of movie roles and television credits. There is no denying that since the ripe age of 13, just like Amanda, Shad has been bow-wowing audiences (thank you I know….that was a good one…damn you still laughing, huh? Ok let’s continue).Amanda Bynes is one of the greatest comedic influences. Every comedian under the age of 25 these days wants to claim Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr, Amy Schumer, and Kevin Hart for inspiring them to pursue a career in comedy; but almost all of them, myself included have a glaring hole in our influences, ‘The Amanda Show’.

I’ll wait…..for the old head reading this and saying…WHAT? You can click out now.Everyone else. Think about that iconic show. Charcaters Judge Trudy. Blockblister. Penelope Taynt. Dancing Lobsters. That’s not even the half of it, if you really think about it.

Going a step further, the sketch comedy show that we all heralded as “genius”, ‘The Chappelle Show’, wouldn’t even come out until ‘The Amanda Show’ was off air for almost a year. Young kids who would sneak to Comedy Central to catch glimpses of a stone-faced and heavily bloused Prince slotted right into the tried and true format that ‘The Amanda Show’ had put in front of their face for three years before.

For more proof of her influence, look at the feed of every Twitter and IG sketch comedian today and then look back at a Crazy Courtney sketch from The Amanda Show. All of them are lowkey filtered down versions of the greatest comedic character comic of our time, Amanda Laura Bynes. “Meh-heh!” to you as well.

So to the younger comics and comedy fans today. Make sure to pay homage to your OG. If anyone can tweet me a link to an Amanda Show 24/7 live stream on YouTube I would be so very grateful (@justalexbruh)….maybe a DM actually….

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