Pam Grier Wants Jay Pharoah To Play Richard Pryor In Her Biopic

For 18 months, Pam Grier dated the iconic Richard Pryor. Their relationship was well documented to have it’s ups and downs. In her book, Foxy: My Life in Three Acts, she even went into the details of her relationship with Pryor. Now for a recent interview with The Kansas City Star, Greir has shared with the outlet that she is looking at turning her book into a film. She went on to share that if she had it her way, Richard Pryor would be played by Jay Pharoah.

She’s also working on turning her bestselling autobiography, “Foxy: My Life in Three Acts,” into a movie, and has some dream casting in mind: comedian Jay Pharoah as Richard Pryor and Roberto Benigni as Italian director Federico Fellini.

Greir didn’t explain why her choice would be Pharoah but one thing we do know is that Pharaoh actually has a Pryor Impression. ¬†Despite Pryor’s actual biopic looking to be on hold, It does look like we will be seeing Pryor on the big screen in some form or fashion.
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