Parody Of ‘Black People Meet’ Launches Online With DC Young Fly & The Hudson Brothers: Introduce ‘Ratchet People Meet’


Online dating has long been a new way for people to meet one another. And thanks to the internet you can now specify what type of person you may be looking for. Leave it to online personalities DC Young Fly, Emanuel (of MTV2’s WildNOut) and Phillip Hudson, those who consider themselves as ‘Ratchet’ no longer have to look far for love.

ratchet people
With the help of an Instagram page, and a actual website the brothers have officially spoofed BlackPeopleMeet.Com’ with their own version, RatchetPeopleMeet.Com. With the new dating campaign all your considered misfits (played by fans and comedians) have 15 seconds to open up about their complicated love. So far a few known comedians have even jumped into a few of the videos including, Shawty Shawty, Comedian K Dubb, Rodney Perry. Surprisingly enough, Russell Simmons even took some time out to endorse the movement. And yes an actual website does exist for fans, here. Everybody needs love.

Users Of ‘Ratchet People Meet’

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