Patrice O’neal’s Upcoming ‘The Lost Files’ Originally Intended To Be His First Comedy Album

patrice oneal

Last month we found out that a new comedy album was being put together for the late Patrice O’neal. As the now revealed December 4th release date approaches, more details on the project have now been shared. Widow of Patrice, Von Decarlo recently gave more insight on the new album in a brief talk with Interrobang. She goes on to share the recording was originally suppose to be used for O’neals first ever comedy album.

“It is a classic night of comedy which Patrice intended to be his first album in 2005, but was never completed on the production end, thus never released,” she said. “It was lost in the shuffle only to be discovered years after his passing as a gem to be shared. In keeping Patrice’s legacy thriving, I am happy to present another compilation of his work for the fans to listen to and hold close to their hearts.”

The Lost Files will be available on ITunes, Amazon, and PatriceOneal.Com when it’s released next month.

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