President Obama To Make His First ‘The Daily Show’ Appearance With Trevor Noah As Host


This upcoming Monday, President Barack Obama will be heading to The Daily Show  what appears to be the last time we will see him on the show as president. The announcement was made Thursday. Let’s just say with this pass election; Noah and Barack have a lot to talk about.

President Barack Obama will appear on “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” Monday, Dec. 12, Comedy Central announced. The episode will be simulcast across Comedy Central and fellow Viacom networks MTV and BET. The guest spot will be Obama’s first appearance on “The Daily Show” since Trevor Noah took over as host last year. It will be his last time on the late-night talker as president, with Obama set to leave office in January. Monday’s segment will be Obama’s first interview on a late-night talk show since the November presidential election. The interview is set to take place at the White House. Obama has appeared on “The Daily Show” as a guest seven times — the last in July 2015, one month before Jon Stewart departed as host of the series.


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