President Obama Says Dick Gregory, And Richard Pryor Are Amongst His Favorite Comedians

president obama
Comedian Marc Maron had the opportunity to have president Barack Obama sit down with him as a guest on his WTF podcast. As they discussed things surrounding the government and Barack’s life they closed out the conversation with a talk on comedy. In their talk, the president shared that Richard Pryor and Dick Gregory are some of his favorites.

Marc: Do you like comedy?

Obama: I love comedy.

Marc: Who are your guys?

Obama: Well Pryor, Dick Gregory when he was really on the edge. Seinfeld, a whole another different type. Louis (CK), I know is a buddies of yours, who I love. I think Louis terrific. He’s wonderful in such a self-deprecating type of way…… What I’ve been impressed about comics talk about comedy is how much of it is a craft and they’re thinking it through. They have a since of when it works and when it doesn’t.  The longer you do it, the better your instinct are, same as a president.

You can listen to the full discussion here.

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