Preview: Jessica Williams And Phoebe Robinson Debut Podcast ‘2 Dope Queens’



Stand-up comedians Phoebe Robinson and Jesssica Williams will be debuting their podcast, ‘2 Dope Queens’. It’s a comedy podcast that highlights their love interests, comedy careers, and being black–among other things. The series is recorded in Brooklyn, NY at WNYC Studios.  For their first week, they will feature other comics; Gary Gulman, Naomi Ekperigin and Michelle Buteau, and it even has some of Jessica and Phoebe’s stand up routines as well! Sounds like a winner! For an interview with Vanity Fair, Phoebe shared what she hopes people will experience, “We really wanted to feel like the listener is in Union Hall with us, whether they are on the train to work or if they’re working out ”Before the official inaugural episode premieres they will listen to a preview clip below. 

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