How To Produce Your Next Comedy Show With A Team

Photo: Starz

This article is for you if you are thinking of producing comedy shows with friends. Generally, producing a comedy show takes a lot of time and a lot of effort. Although you create stage time, you’re doing so much work producing the show that it could hurt your act. 

Oftentimes, it takes more work than even a crew can handle collectively but delegating the work will reduce stress and nip issues in the bud.

1. Put Your Crew Together

I recommend having 3 or 4 people in your crew. When you’re starting out, the first thing you need to do is establish roles for each member of the team. Don’t force your comedy crew members to do tasks they really don’t want to do. Realize what everyone is good at and get them to do the tasks they enjoy doing. The one guy in the crew that knows how to edit videos of the comedians should be editing the videos. The guy that is always on social media should be managing the social media for the crew. If you’re great at graphic design, you should be the person to create the flyers and website. It’s also good that each of you learns a separate task in the event someone drops out or can’t perform their primary functions.

2. Pick A Name

The best way to pick a name is to have a vote. Everyone submits 2 names anonymously and you vote on it. Everyone has to agree on the name and this is the best way to assure you all do. This name is going to represent your crew so it should represent what your crew is about.

3. Who Is/Are The Leader(s) Of The Crew?

Get the crew together and discuss what’s needed to produce a show and discuss the roles. Everyone has equal say and gets an equal share but someone has to lead.

It’s a good idea to ask everyone what they want to or feel comfortable contributing. This way, it doesn’t seem like you’re bossy but more like you’re asking for help. Most people are okay doing anything as long as they think they’re helping rather than being told what to do. When a person picks what they want to do in the group, they can only look to themselves when things don’t work as they should.

Soon as you feel like someone is not holding up their end of the bargain, talk to that person about it and clear the air. You don’t want your product to suffer because of negativity.

4. Use The Tools At Your Disposal

There are so many cheap or free resources out there you can use to collaborate on show production. Share them with your crew. For example, use a Google Spreadsheet and share with everyone the following:

  • Costs associated with producing the show including flyers
  • Costs to pay Feature/Headliner comics
  • Contact information for Comics – comics that have been on your show or you want for future shows
  • Template intro letters for booking corporate gigs
  • Template proposal letters for potential sponsorship
  • Templates for Twitter/FB Events/Yelp Events

Staying organized can be difficult but it is definitely necessary. It could be made easier with a whole team working together. It’s a beautiful thing when a team can come together and put out a quality project.

I hope these tips will help get you closer to achieving your Netflix special.