Rapper Nipsey Hussle Uses Chappelle & Dick Gregory To Defend Twitter Joke

nipsey hussle, dave chappelle

The internet is a place known for comedy. Wether people makes jokes using words, or memes there are certain ones that have rubbed people the wrong way. Los Angeles based rapper, Nipsey Hussle earlier this week caught some slack for a Twitter joke he supported. ¬†User, 1FlyMexican put out what he felt was a joke by sarcastically tweeting “Black females are a disgrace to black culture..” and in response Nipsey went on to show that he agreed in a separate Tweet. Soon after, the famed rapper began seeing a series of backlash for agreeing with what they have said was a joke. After hearing what fans had to say about the Tweet, Nipsey went on to share that things were completely taken out of context and used the works of Dave Chappelle and Dick Gregory as examples.

dave chappelle

The rapper continued his apology, following the Twitter joke. Thoughts?

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