REL’s Jordan L. Jones Talks With Comedy Hype: “We All Have Our Own Race To Run”


What an exciting way to spend Labor Day. We had the chance to attend a private screening of the FOX’s upcoming comedy series, ‘REL’ in Atlanta. The post-screening Q&A session which was hosted & moderated by radio personality, Headkrack (co-host on the Rickey Smiley’s Morning Show), would be specially attended by ‘REL’ cast member actor Jordan L. Jones.

As reported ‘REL’ is based on the life of  Lil Rel Howery and his new journey as a single man. The theater, packed with guests, press, and actors overflowed with energy and excitement. The 22-minute screening of the show was creative, with hilarious dialogue and a great deal of comedic roasting. Jones would entertain, and answer interview questions through the night. Jordan plays Rel’s younger brother who was recently released from prison, was great in representing the new show and cast.

As the night progressed, Jordan shared how exciting it was to have this new acting opportunity and co-starring in a major sitcom. He has been working on his craft for some time and is not unfamiliar to the acting life. Always a naturally funny and creative individual, he decided to pursue acting as a career. Just last year he was working as a production assistant, but, knew that he would soon showcase his acting talents. When asked about his thoughts after hearing the genuine laughter from the audience during the show, Jones spoke of his sincere appreciation. He later would speak on the opportunity of working with the comedy legend Sinbad, and comedians like Rel Howery and Jess Hilarious.

One on Jones’s messages would be that he believes, “We all have our own race to run.” 

Lastly, Jordan shared how he also enjoyed having DC Young Fly on as a special guest. As you should know, Fly’s comedic approach to roasting is non-stop laughter. Initially, the director thought that the approach may not work well, but Rel was adamant that this show had to remain naturally funny, and that the approach would work. They were quickly shown it was exactly the type of comedy versatility needed in today’s sitcoms.

Look at for a special preview of ‘REL’ on Sept 9th on FOX at 8/7c (after NFL on FOX).



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