A Remake Of Eddie Murphy’s ’48 Hours’ Is In The Works, Jerrod Carmichael Involved

Photo: THR

Another one of Eddie Murphy’s classic films is looking to be re-introduced to audiences. It was revealed that Murphy’s 1982 flick with actor Nick Nolte, 48 Hours, is getting a remake. Paramount is behind the current project along with Jerrod Carmichael. Jerrod has not been revealed to star in the project but is now known he will help write the film with several others. Interesting!

Brothers Benny and Josh Safdie, the directing team for the Robert Pattinson crime thriller “Good Time,” are developing a remake of the action-comedy “48 Hours” for Paramount Players. “48 Hours” was a major hit for Paramount in 1982 with Eddie Murphy in his first film role as a convict helping a detective, played by Nick Nolte, to track down a pair of cop killers over a two-day leave from prison….Chernin Entertainment is producing the remake with Oscar Boyson and Sebastian Bear-McClard. Josh Safdie will co-write the script with Ronald Bronstein and Jerrod Carmichael, who starred in and co-created the NBC sitcom “The Carmichael Show.”


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