Richard Pryor’s Daughter Doesn’t Think He Would Be Impressed By Today’s Comedians

richard pryor

As Rain Pryor, continues her series of shows for one woman show, Fried Chicken and Latkes at New York City’s National Black Theater, she recently talked with fellow comedian Mike Bocchetti. Her interview that featured for Interrobang covered her father, which she went on to suggest that Richard would not be to enthused by comedian’s today as it is known he built his act of telling truth.

Mike Bocchetti: What do you think your dad would think of the current state of comedy?
Rain Pryor: “I believe he would think ain’t no one speaking their truth, but everybody wanna copy someone else’s.”

In the same interview Rain commented on political correctness in comedy and how she avoids it.

Mike Bocchetti: How do you deal with political correctness we have in comedy today ?
Rain Pryor: “I don’t deal with it. I go for what needs to be said and sometimes it lands, but in Jersey, not so much. Lol.”

Her new live show is currently running through June 11th to June 28th in New York City.

  1. i agree with her

  2. It’s probably not fair to generalize all comedians

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