Richard Pryor’s Wife, Jennifer Calls Out Bill Cosby

cosby jennifer pryor

Just when things looked to have calmed down with talks surrounding Bill Cosby and a series of recent sexual assault allegations, Richard Pryor’s widow now has spoke out. Apart of her recent comments, Jennifer Pryor held nothing back as she shared her feelings about Cosby, and even the comparisons of Cosby and Pryor.

Richard Pryor’s widow has torched embattled comic Bill Cosby, calling him a “piece of s–t” who “f—-d everything that moved.” Speaking on the podcast “Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend,” Jennifer Lee Pryor skewered Cosby as “a hypocrite” over allegations he drugged and assaulted dozens of women, recalling how the once-iconic comedian looked down on her husband for using profanity in his act. “Richard was dirty on the outside, but he was a good person on the inside,” Pryor said. Her comments were reported by Jezebel. “Bill … hated Richard because he ‘worked dirty.’ Bill worked clean, so therefore, you know-Bill’s just a f—–g hypocrite and dirty on the inside,” she said. Pryor added that, during Cosby’s decades-long heyday, many in Hollywood knew he was a horn dog.

Never ending story.


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