Ride Along’s Will Packer Working On Comedy Series Based On ‘Uncle Buck’

uncle buck

Remember the 1989 comedy ‘Uncle Buck’ starring the late comedian John Candy?, well soon you might be seeing a spin-off series on TV based on the film. With the help from producer Will Packer known for his work on past films Ride Along and ABC looks to reintroduce ‘Uncle Buck.’ Who do you think would be a great replacment for candy’s popular role?

The nostalgia theme among broadcast comedy executives this season continues with another half-hour project based on a 1980s movie. ABC has put in development Uncle Buck, a multi-camera comedy based on the classic John Hughes film starring John Candy. The project hails from Universal TV, whose feature sibling produced the movie, and Will Packer Prods., the company of feature producer Will Packer (the Ride Along and Think Like A Man franchises). Like the movie, the series project, written by Steven Cragg and Brian Bradley, will center on a childish man, played in the film by Candy, who learns how to be an adult by taking care of his brother’s kids in a very childish way.


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