Rob Haze Talks To Comedy Hype About His New Album, Haze-O-Pedia: “I Purposely Stayed Away From Kanye Material On This Album”


If comedy were a video game, comedian, actor, and writer… Rob Haze is on his way to unlocking all of the levels.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, NBC’s ‘Last Comic Standing’, ‘The Book Of Ye Podcast’ and opening for Dave Chappelle are just a few of Rob’s recent achievements.Now, Rob is ready to level up again with his brand new comedy album, “Haze-O-Pedia”, which has just been released today. Comedy Hype caught up with Rob to get an exclusive scoop on the new album, “Haze-O-Pedia”.

CH: Today serves as a pretty big day for you. As of today, your brand new comedy album, ‘Haze-O-Pedia”  is now available on Itunes and streaming platforms. “Haze-O-Pedia” is such a fun title, what’s the meaning behind it?

RH: The title, “Haze-O-Pedia” was inspired by a live pop culture show that I used to do in Atlanta. I would challenge anyone to debate me on pop culture to see who knew the most about the topic. If I wasn’t as knowledgeable about the topic, I would just improvise to make it funny, so it was a win-win.

CH: You recently reached your 10th year anniversary in comedy. Surely, you have tons and tons of material that has been built over those years. What was the material selection process like for “Haze-O-Pedia”?

RH: The material on this album is a mix of three things; all of my favorite bits over those years, some material that I never got the opportunity to do on TV and some brand new material that I’ve been doing lately I’m excited about. I think that the project turned out great and I’m satisfied with it because it was a release for me to finally put all of this stuff in one place.

CH: Anyone who knows Rob Haze knows that you’re a huge Kanye West fan. A couple of years back, you even had a podcast all about Kanye, “The Book of Ye”. Are we getting any bits about Kanye on this album?

RH: I purposely stayed away from Kanye material on this album. That podcast was just for me to talk to other Kanye fans and the Hypebeast community about Kanye. I made sure that this album was about me and my life. Although, I am not the most personal comedian because don’t want you to feel like you need to do homework on my life before you listen to my album. I just wanted to create an enjoyable and easy listen for comedy fans with “Haze-O-Pedia”.

CH: Outside of stand up, you’ve also been doing some awesome TV projects, such as the new and exciting IFC show, “Sherman’s Showcase. Not only did you write on the show, but you also had some appearance on the show. What was the experience like being part of “Sherman’s Showcase”?

RH: It was the best experience ever. I’m so excited that I got the opportunity to be part of the first season as a writer and an actor because I was able to see the idea before it fully formed and I had the opportunity to contribute in building it up. I remember when we wrote some of the first sketches and we started to understand what the show’s tone should be. As far as appearing on the show, I liked playing fun characters, such as Morris Day. The fact that Morris Day was actually on the episode where I played him was even more dope.

CH: Your new album, “Haze-O-Pedia” is available now. What else does Rob Haze have going on that comedy fans should be looking out for?

RH: There are some new ideas that I want to explore in the realm of pop culture, so I’m starting a new podcast in the same vein “Haze-O-Pedia”, where I’ll explore pop culture on a larger scale. Also, I will be hitting the road, so follow me to know what dates I’m doing and when I will be in your city. I hope the listeners enjoy my new album, “Haze-O-Pedia”.

“Haze-O-Pedia” by Rob Haze is now available on streaming platforms and can be purchased here on iTunes.

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