Roland Martin Says Comedians Are Under Attack: Talks Jamie Foxx & Trevor Noah

roland martin

If you’ve been checking in lately we covered the recent hire of Trevor Noah on The Daily Show. Immediately following the announcement several people were outraged about some previous jokes Noah had made on Twitter. This same type of outraged made it’s way to Jamie Foxx, when he cracked on Bruce Jenner’s sex change rumors. Now columnist Roland Martin (above with Bill Bellamy & Ali Siddiq) is speaking out on the recent attacks and points out American’s being too sensitive.

Trevor Noah should be basking in the afterglow of getting one of the best jobs on television. Instead, he’s likely cooped up with publicists, lawyers, and others trying to deal with the social media storm over several tweets. Yeah, really. Trevor Noah was offensive! Trevor Noah was insensitive! Trevor Noah talked about fat women! Trevor Noah talked about Jewish people! Hmmm. Offensive. Insensitive. Blasting folks over their weight and their ethnicity. Gotcha. Sounds like Trevor Noah did what comedians do EVERY DAY! But this isn’t just about Trevor Noah. Jamie Foxx has been in the comedy game a long time, but when he made a crack about Bruce Jenner at the iHeartAwards, Twitter and social media went to the Pissed Off Zone, ripping Foxx and inspiring stories in numerous mainstream media outlets….When comedians start pulling punches for fear of people acting a plum fool and demanding they get sent to an ISIS camp, then we as a nation will be worse off. Comedians speak truth. They are outrageous. They say stuff that some of us say deep down inside, but their lack of a filter has us laughing out loud. We get to laugh through our pain. We get to commune as a people, regardless of our race, gender, sexual preference, or politics, through laughing. If you are afraid of people being mean, telling jokes that are crass and raw, then just put the O’Reilly Killing Jesus movie on repeat. National Geographic will love you a long time. I’m sure there is a group of comedians in heaven—Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, Moms Mabley, George Carlin, Robin Harris, Lenny Bruce—saying, “God, thank you for making sure I wasn’t alive during the 21st century. Those m$%^&r@+?!(~s are too sensitive!”


  1. Totally agree! folks need to stop all that bitching

  2. Needed to be said

  3. ChgoSista says:

    Would hate to be an aspiring stand-up comedian in this era… Either you have to tough it out and remain unfiltered or suffer the [dire] consequences.

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