Ron G Tells Comedy Hype About His New Series, ‘Cousins For Life’


Award-winning Comedian and actor, Ron G is a favorite on-screen and amongst stand up audiences.

Ron G’s explosive energy and real life-based jokes are relatable, engaging and highly entertaining. A few years back, Ron made the executive decision to switch to clean material, which extended his fanbase to families and people of all-ages. Recently, the switch to becoming a clean comic paid-off, when Ron landed on the hilarious new Nickelodeon show, ‘Cousins For Life’. Comedy Hype caught up with Ron G to chat about his new sitcom role, plus more!

CH: Your brand new show, ‘Cousins For Life’ premieres tonight on Nickelodeon. What exactly is ‘Cousins For Life’?

COUSINS FOR LIFE Pilot – Epi#101– Pictured: Leaf (Micah Abbey), Lewis (Ron G) and Ivy (Scarlet Spencer) in COUSINS FOR LIFE on Nickelodeon. Photo Credit: Bonnie Osborne/Nickelodeon. ©2017 Viacom, International, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

RG: I’m so excited about this show. ‘Cousins For Life’ is a buddy comedy, where my brother  moves into my house with his son. I already have two kids on the show, so now I have three kids under my roof messing up my comfortable situation [Laughs]. At the end of the day, it’s a really good show about family and adjusting to new situations in life. I’m so happy to be a part of this show.

CH: So what can you tell us about your character on this hilarious new show, ‘Cousins For Life’?

RG: My character is a guy named, Lewis. Lewis is a strict, no-nonsense kind of dad. The rest of the family tries to help Lewis loosen up a bit and actually enjoy life, which is hilarious in its own right.

CH: How did you prep for this role? Did you study any classic sitcom dads?

RG: The greatest sitcom dad of all time is Fresh Prince’s Uncle Phil and I learned so much from him because he’s the blueprint for sitcom dads [Laughs]. My stand up is really high energy and over-the-top, and this character is chill but stern. I studied a lot of Uncle Phil to pick up tips on how to convey that kind of character on screen. This character was so much fun because it was so different from what people normally know me for.

CH: Speaking of stand-up, you also host the incredible Sunday night stand up show in LA, Chocolate Sundaes, at the Hollywood Laugh Factory. For those who don’t know how awesome this show is, tell us a little more about Chocolate Sundaes at the Laugh Factory.

RG: I’ve been hosting Chocolate Sundaes at the Laugh Factory for about 6 years now, so it’s a very special show to me. Every week, the show is sold out wall-to-wall and the vibe is magnificent. Chocolate Sundaes has a diverse lineup, high energy and the best laughs laughs you can get on a Sunday night in LA. Also, we always have special guests dropping in. There’s a 7pm show and and 9pm show. Chocolate Sundaes is the place to be on Sunday nights.

CH: A few years back, you made the switch to being a clean-comic. How has the switch been working out so far?

RG: Since I’ve made the switch to only clean comedy, I’ve become a favorite amongst aunts [Laughs]. I have kids coming up to me and telling me, “My aunt tells me I should be more like you, because you don’t curse and you’re still funny.” Also, I’m sure being a clean comic helped me land the role on Nickelodeon’s “Cousins For LIfe”. I know what kids and families find funny and I was able to apply that to my character, Lewis. Becoming a clean comic has been working out great.

CH: Recently in comedy, there’s been a huge debate of, “is political correctness killing comedy?”. This kind of combat usually happens for comics who are dirtier and more profane. Do you also face this kind of backlash being a clean comic? Also, do you have to be careful when choosing material, even though you’re a clean comic?

RG: I don’t face much backlash with my comedy. But it’s not like I’m walking on eggshells trying to please people either. I still talk about whatever I want to talk about in my material and everything that I talk about, I stand by it and care about it. I always try to not be divisive and bring people together on topics instead.

CH: So the new show, ‘Cousins For Life’ premieres tonight on Nickelodeon at 8:30PM PT. What else should Ron G fans be excited about?

RG:: I have a podcast called, “2 Piece” with my good friend, Donald Bell, which you can find on iTunes. I also have a movie coming soon, called “Two Minutes Of Fame” with Katt Williams, KeKe Palmer and Jay Pharoah. Also this year, you can look forward to my Comedy Central Half-Hour, produced by Kevin Hart. And you can always follow my social media at @ComedianRonG for the latest updates! Thanks Comedy Hype, love y’all!


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