Roseanne Barr Says She “Begged” Them Not To Cancel Her Show

Photo via JUST JARED

In the latest surrounding ABC’s decision to cancel ‘Roseanne’, star of the show Roseanne Barr has now gone on to reveal that she begged Disney-ABC Television Group President, Ben Sherwood, to not move forward with the cancelation of her series. Barr would express that she decided to take action in hopes to save people’s jobs who were affected from the show being pulled after a reported racist tweet. As we all would find out, ABC would decide to cancel the series anyway. It is also noted by other reports that fortunately Barr’s castmates on the show will still receive compensation for some several expected new episodes, but it does appear that the same can’t be said about those on the crew who help produce the series.

Anyway, we’ve reached out to ABC to ask about Barr’s claims of having had this alleged conversation with Sherwood, in which she claims he asked her what she was thinking of, and she said she did not realize Jarrett is not white because “she looks like my family.” And, Barr claims, Sherwood told her what she did was unforgivable, as she begged for the sake of her crew’s jobs. Her tweets on that subject end with her wondering if she will ever recover from this situation which, to recap, started with her posting another racist tweet. “They won’t stop till I die, I fear ­– pray for me!” she tweeted to her followers. In an afternoon of self pitying tweets, Barr today also said it had been a “joyous experience” to work on the Roseanne show again but “not the right time,” and that “going out on top is good!”


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