Roy Wood Jr. Credits His Daily Show Success To Years Of Preparation, Talks With Rolling Stone

roy wood jr

For Roy Wood Jr. his years in comedy like many has been full of twist and a test on his perseverance . The new addition to The Daily Show recently spoke with the Rolling Stone about his journey into landing one of his biggest job’s yet. In several moments of his talk with Rolling Stone, Roy hinted on being his own support in comedy, staying motivated, and how his years in comedy was all in preparation for his new job. Check out these for quotes from his interview.

Excerpts from his interview


When Wood walked into the Daily Show office for the first time, he realized “everything [I’ve] done is just an internship to prepare [me] for this moment.” Thankfully, he brought a lot of transferrable skills with him: The stand-up bolstered his stage presence; the prank-call experience kept him cool while managing sensitive interviewees; previous on-camera work eliminated his jitters; and a journalism degree helped him to understand when and how to look behind an issue.

Explains coming up in comedy solo

“I always hear these stories about groups of comics [from big cities] like, Oh yeah, we came up together,” says Wood. “I don’t have those memories. I didn’t have those friends. Most of the people I started with are either dead or they quit.”

Shares insight to what kept him pushing forward

“The thing that kept me going was the next joke,” says Wood. “And every year, no matter where I was in the comedy game, there was an opportunity to do what I call ‘skipping a level.'”


You can check out the full feature here with Roy and Rolling Stone.

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