Roy Wood Jr. Speaks Out Against Fellow Comedians Who Criticized Leslie Jones On SNL

roy wood jr

With some speaking out against a recent sketch done by Leslie Jones on SNL, Roy Wood Jr. thinks none of them should be comedians. Yesterday Roy took to his site and shared his thoughts on comedians publicly criticizing another comedians material.

As comedians, you’re free to be offended, You’re free to disagree. You can even say another comic isn’t funny, but to PUBLICLY tear another comic down? I Was trying to lie in the bushes on this ‘SNL’ Slavery shit but now I’m seeing, Comedians out here attacking other comedians bits like the Thought Police ain’t gonna be after your ass next. That shit is sad & hypocritical.Unless you’re a MASTER of the mundane like Seinfeild or Gaffigan the Thought Police have a team of professionals monitoring your tweets and TV appearances.Half you comics out there, (myself included) have something in your act that’s bound to piss someone off, and sooner or later your day will come when a thousand bloggers and CNN/FOX News debate idiots are standing at your doorstep screaming for an apology. And you’ll be standing there with your thumb up your ass talking about “Ya’ll can’t take a joke?”.The shit you spit is no better or worse than Leslie. It’s YOUR truth. Let Big Les spit hers. You HAVE to give your fellow comics room to spit their truth, no matter how much you disagree. As a comedian you owe another performer THAT. If nothing else. Stand-Up Comedy is a catty, shady, jealous, bitching, backstabbing ass business. Comedians sit on the phone and text one another about what comics they hate this week. Who they think isn’t funny. Who they think is a joke thief. Whose Comedy Central special wasn’t funny. I’m guilty of it myself. We. All. Do It. But the one thing i’ve always respected about it is that the beef remains in the family. You don’t go on the record with that shit. What is that gonna do other than make you look jealous? even if you aren’t jealous. Even if you’re just stating the facts, you look sad. And that my friend is bad for business.

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