Rudy Ray Moore’s Comedy Album Catalog In Talks For Millions

Eddie Murphy is set to hit Netflix on October 25th for the film ‘Dolemite Is My Name‘. The comedy is set to tell the story of comedy and rap pioneer Rudy Ray Moore set in the 1970s. Moore’s unique story stands out because of his independent accomplishments in film and comedy albums. Now according to sources, one of his comedy album catalogs of over 30 projects is in talks to be purchased for millions. In the latest CH News we dive more into why Moore’s comedy album catalog is now being eyed for this noteworthy amount of money.

Upon reaching out to one of the comedy legend’s former managers and owner of the catalog, Donald Randell, he would go on to tell Comedy Hype, “I am honored to be able to continue Rudy Ray Moore’s legacy. I hope a new generation of people will be able see Rudy’s contribution to comedy and the value of his legacy through this great body of work.”

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