Rush Hour Series Gets Canceled At CBS After One Season, Justin Hires Tastefully Responds To The News

justin hires john foo

The Rush Hour series over at CBS has official come to an end. It was revealed yesterday that the series based on the comedy franchise Rush Hour will no longer be moving forward on the network.  The show’s cancelation comes after just one season with new talents Justin Hires (Detective Carter), and John Foo (Jonathan Lee).

Carter and Lee’s crime-fighting days are over; CBS is not moving forward with a second season of Rush Hour, TVLine has learned. Based on the 1998 Jackie Chan/Chris Tucker film of the same name, CBS’ procedural starred Justin Hires and Jon Foo as a pair of polar-opposite detectives — James Carter and Jonathan Lee, respectively — forced to partner up on the mean streets of Los Angeles.


Though the series will no longer air on CBS after it’s first season; it will be moving to different markets in Australia and China. In response to the news, series star Justin Hires took to Instagram to thank supporters and expressed he wasn’t done with tackling Hollywood.

It’s my unpleasant task to announce that Rush Hour is not being renewed for a second season. Although, the remaining 6 episodes left are still scheduled to air every Thursday 10/9c on CBS. Despite the news, I must say THANK YOU soooo much to @warnerbrostv and @cbstv for believing in me! Words can not express how grateful and honored I was to show up on set everyday and be a part of the Warner Bros and CBS family. It was truly a dream come true!! To all the cast and crew who were on set, I love you all tremendously and your hard work showed up on screen every week. To my family, friends, and new fans… I LOVE and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support, encouragement, and kind words. This is just the beginning!! I know God has so much more for me and I’m honestly excited about what new frontiers I will accomplish next!!

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